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white straight ciswoman mid-20s-ish. surrounded by telly. likes words, gwen teatime tv, a:tla, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, hero stories and character arcs, and anything much to do with ladies. says sensical stuff sometimes. in all likelihood finds you a little bit delightful. drop a line!

I have a hole punch, let's not get big-headed now.

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all i want, right, is like a production company/distributor/broadcaster/motion picture storytelling organisation

that consistently puts out high quality stuff

which, with consideration, is as representative and inoffensive

as it is possible to be

and like, that’s it. that’s what they do.

adventures with brown people

adventures with queer people

adventures of ladies in skirts and trousers

romances between people without gender assignation or gender wot doesn’t fit into the binary

fat heroes, thin heroes mostly heroes whose bodies have no relevance to how they’re badass in whatsoever way they are badass

also heroes who may have some kind of disability but they aren’t defined by that disability

complex lady villains

exciting, fresh adaptations of stuff

romances between 3 people or 4 people or more people

narratives that respect all of their characters

i dunno can i just list the word “respectful” again

like, just people with stories and they’re people who are really diverse since y’know people are really diverse and like if we’re going to talk just pure creativity here there are so many narrative avenues left unexplored to all nooks and cranies because oops sometimes people aren’t Straight White Dudes (lol sometimes - most of the time) and fuck me but so much output is SO OFFENSIVE and/or MORE BORING THAN PAINT FUCKING DRYING ON A WALL and i’m bored and SICK OF IT

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tagged as: so job hunting is getting me down. is it obvious. my list of desirable employers. is excrutiatingly short. it's a list of like 2. like guys i also have a story about how one time. i was at the seaside as you do. and i was bored a bit. so i watched a fucking barnicle for half an hour. A LOT OF THE TIME RIGHT. I WOULD RATHER HAVE THAT EXPERIENCE ALL OVER AGAIN. THEN WATCH 98% OF THE OUTPUT. no one should want to watch barnicles is what i'm saying. barnicals?. idk however i spell it chrome isn't happy so whatever. than*. ? i'm having a spelling grammar crisis in my distress. this has been a post. media. narrative ownership. about me.

  1. saphay said: Gni and I did decide this afternoon that the only way we’ll get progress is to have a company where no straight white dudes are allowed to work there. Also: barnacle.
  2. theopensea said: I shouldn’t laugh at your pain because I feel you but also I am laughing at your pain/tags
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