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I have a hole punch, let's not get big-headed now.

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Idris Elba: Why me, though?
Lucy Liu: I think that you are a pioneer similar to me in that way, in ethnicity and in scope and in range. You’re also a Renaissance man and understand the different venues we travel just to understand who we are. We do music, we do art, we act, we write, we direct because we are trying to discover who we are. It’s a journey—a lifelong journey. (x)

I’d not only get in the cab,” he says, “but I’d take the taxi driver out of the car, hostage. The taxi, jump out while it was moving, jump onto a pedal bike that was just past the door as I got on it, and then get onto a plane — on the wing — land on top of Sony Studios, slide through the air conditioning, and land in the office.


You know, James Bond ain’t never been blonde either, in fact, he very specifically had jet-black hair, but they didn’t even bother to dye Daniel Craig’s hair for the role.

But you guys can’t wrap your heads around the mere possibility of Idris Elba playing James Bond, just because he’s black? How the hell do you guys expect me to believe racism is not involved? It’s Idris Elba, the man is 75% British and 25% tailored suit. Pretty sure his legal middle name is “Badass.” I’m not 100% convinced he is not James Bond in real life, in deep cover as an actor named Idris Elba. 

What the hell is wrong with you if you have a problem with this?






Ian Fleming has never actually specified James Bonds skin colour, we can take just as much artistic licence as we want. Fleming described James as having black hair and a ‘three-inch long thin vertical scar on his right cheek’ and blue-grey eyes.

Considering that none of the six actors cast as 007 in any of the films have had the scar, only half of them have had blue eyes and the most recent Bond, Daniel Craig, has blonde hair, James Blonde being black shouldn’t somehow damage Fleming’s literary descriptions considering the books and the films are practically entirely different universes.

So what you’re telling me is mainstream media can make Goku a white boy but God forbid Bond is a black man or a women?

Remember how the directors of Cloud Atlas are trying to escape the criticism they’re receiving for doing yellowface? The hollow, ridiculous “We’re going beyond race” argument. And remember how most white folks are jumping to support the argument because “we’re all human and color doesn’t matter.” According to that logic: If color doesn’t really matter, shouldn’t Idris Elba’s race be a non-issue because “we’re all human”?

Or does “WE’RE ALL HUMAN!” apply to instances involving white folks only. Hmm.

Cast Idris Elba as James Bond. He’ll be the best.